Upcoming Workshops

The only way to preserve skills is to practice them. From time to time we run workshops on boat building. These workshops can range from a 5 day Canoe build to a 12 month Clinker Launch build. Click on a description below to learn more. Keep in mind there is always an option to stay onboard with us at the boat centre to further complete your project.


Moyne10 Insides

2019 Winter Build - 10 to 12 Weeks 

Starting 1st of March, this year's winter workshop will focus on the construction of a traditionally inspired clinker dinghy.  Participants will build their own sailing Moyne 10 over 10 weeks from one of our system kits.  Tuition for this class build will be held on a Tuesday and Thursday night from 4pm till 9pm and free building time provided all Saturday.

The Moyne 10 was designed with maximum stability in mind but not at the expense of classic aesthetics or strength. Designed with our unique proprietary CDLA system (Computer Driven Lapstrake Algorithm) which guarantees consistent large overlapping (clinker) planking, while keeping the hull as flat as possible. This high capacity, durable and lightweight dinghy is designed to be comfortable and stable to row, sail or power with an outboard. This tender is light enough to be car toppable. Building this boat from a kit is a joy,  it is almost entirely work for hand tools with all the details being pre-cut on our high-precision CNC machine.

Cost of course including all materials: $6,600.00 including gst.
Minimum to run 2 boats, max 6 boats.
Max 2 persons per project.

1st March to  28th May -  Entry closes 1st of February. 
50% deposit by 1st February to secure position, balance due by 1st of March.

Next Build:
August 2019 - more info coming soon.


Gecko425 Red
Gecko425 Charles

Gecko Canoe Build - 5 Days

The Gecko Canoe workshop will focus on the construction of a canoe from the GECKO range over 5 days.  The aim of this workshop is to start and complete(ready to paint) your chosen canoe in just 5 days. 

The Gecko range of canoes are a lightweight and cost effective way of getting into wooden boat building. The Gecko’s have 4 planks per a side and are an open style canoe designed with comfort and stability in mind but not at the expense of aesthetics. The hull has a slight vee amidships that tapers off to a fine entry either end, giving great directional stability. Developed with the aid of specialty computer software the Gecko canoes are not only the most accurate design on the market but also the most cost effective. 

Cost of course: $715.00 plus cost of Kit.
Minimum to run 2 boats, max 8 boats.
Max 2 persons per project.

18th September to 22nd September - Entry closes 7th August
50% deposit by 7th August to secure position, balance due by 31st of August.


Docklands Launch
Red Clinker Putt Putt

Launch Syndicate Builds - 16ft Clinker

This build format suits individuals who wish to construct  a modern wooden boat with the classic timber traits but do not necessarily wish to keep it. Over a period of 12 months you will build the classic clinker "Putt Putt" launch together under direction of in house boat builders. Once completed it will remain with the VWBC and will be maintained in house for the syndicate members to use for a period of 2 years from the completion date.

This build will touch on all aspects of clinker construction and fitout. Tuition held once a week on Thursday Nights and build sessions twice weekly to be organised with syndicate members.

Cost of course: $TBA
Minimum to run 3 members, max 5.
25% deposit to secure position, remainder billed monthly.
Course commences 1 month after filled.

Current Numbers: 02


River Skiff Planking

Part-Time Night Class

LIKE A PERSONAL TRAINER BUT FOR BOATS! Night courses are for builders with less time on their hands or who just want to take things a bit slower, our night classes are run under the supervision of professional boat builders.

You will meet with your builder at the beginning and discuss options for your boat. You pick the boat and then we guide you through the construction process at your own pace. Open to any skill level!

Night classes are run through the year on a Tuesday afternoon from 5pm till 9pm.  Individuals on this program are granted access to the workshop on a Saturday (all day) and Tuesday evening.  

Cost of class is calculated on the amount of space the project consumes.

Runs throughout the year.
Limited places available.