A list of Victorian Wooden Boat Centre Certified Agents. Businesses on this list are ones we work closely with and trust and we ensure that they work at the same high calibre that is standard at the VWBC.

 Our trust is exemplified by the fact that we give these businesses access to our catalog of Stage 1 and Stage 2 designs to market and sell as they choose. These businesses of course also have their own exemplary designs and builds to offer, the certification serves simply to make quality trusted VWBC products accessible to those not living in metropolitan Melbourne.
If you feel you should be on this list, head over to the contact page and let us know why.



Duck Flat Wooden Boats - S.A

The VWBC family and Duck Flat Wooden Boats have worked very closely for a number of years. We have the utmost respect for Patrick Reece and his dedicated team. They specialise in exotic and custom make wooden boats.

Their work ranges from large commercially certified craft to tradition speed boat restorations and right down to single canoe builds.

Not just an industry leader in modern and traditional wooden boat construction, Duck Flat also run specialised build courses targeted toward the ammeter boat builders of Australia. If you need kits,materials or advice, Duck Flat at Mount Barker in South Australia are definatly able to help you out. Unlike us they can also ship any product including boat kits Australia Wide!

Head over and check them out at:

Penguin Hill Wooden Boats - Phillip Island

Kevin Nicholas has been a long time friend of the family and builder of many boats. Nestled on stunning Penguin Hill on Phillip Island, his location is one to be envious of! Surrounded by green pastures and gumtrees, its a wonder anyone can put down their coffee and get back to work. Running custom boutique classes, group builds and professional builds from his restored dairy. If you're after a one of a kind, crafted boat building experience, Penguin Hill is the place to be.

Kevin can be contacted by email and is usually busy all year round, bookings are absolutely essential.

Contact Penguin Hill Wooden Boats:

Dan Atkins Sailing