Stitch and Glue Boats

Here at the Victorian Wooden Boat Centre we pride ourselves on on the quality of our custom boat kits that have been designed in house based on literally generations of experience and skill. The following is a list of our current catalog of ready to go plans and/or kits for stitch and glue boats. We believe stitch and glue boats are a great starting point for individuals wishing to get a start in wooden boat building. This construction style is quick and efficient but still teaches the fundamentals of boat building techniques at a lower cost in time and money.

Remember to check back often as we are continually adding to our design range.


Gecko Canoe Range

The Gecko range of canoes are a lightweight entry level, cost effective way of getting home builders into wooden boat building. The Gecko’s have 4 planks per a side and are an open style canoe designed with comfort and stability in mind but not at the expense of aesthetics. The hull has a slight vee amidships that tapers off to a fine entry either end, giving great directional stability. Developed with the aid of specialty computer based software the Gecko canoes are not only the most accurate design on the market but also the most cost effective. 

STAGE 2 DESIGN - Available as kits, component packs or plans .

Australia Dragon Boats

Going back before the days of mass import from China, we once built plywood many Dragon Boats. Most of these boats were built with the clubs who intend to use them. We would guide them through the build process and utilizing the labor of the club members, many clubs could afford their own boats. We designed both the 20 and 10 paddle versions. Today we can offer a fully digitized kits for clubs to build themselves. These kits arrive as a stack of quality marine grade plywood that has been CNC router cut and laser engraved with dimension and indication markings.

STAGE 1 & 2 DESIGN Available as a kit in the 9m / 10 paddler version or older plans in the 20 paddler verion .