Kits / Component Packs

Three generations of experience and 10 years of research and development have gone into make sure our products are 100% accurate in every way. All components are cut from high quality lightweight marine plywood. Kits and component packs are available for pick-up only from the Docklands workshop. We do not currently ship any of our products. If you require any products to be shipped we recommend you make an enquiry with one of the VWBC Certified agents on the VWBC CERT page. Our unique designs are available through VWBC Certified Agents as full or partial kits that can be shipped Australia wide. 


Full Kit

A full kit will comprise all of the components required to construct the boat, excluding paint and hardware. If it is a sailing option then it will specify that it includes the sailing components.  

The full kit comes with:

  • All pre-cut plywood components.
  • All jigs/molds/templates.
  • West System epoxy
  • All timber components.
  • All required fibreglass sheathing and/or tapes.


Component Pack

A component pack is the most common way our kits come. The component packs comes with:

  • All stations/molds.
  • Pre-cut planking/structure with self aligning joints and/or stitching holes.
  • All jigs and templates for timber components.
  • Transom and/or stems templates.
  • If sailing version; plywood blanks for centerboard case, centerboard, rudder blade. 


Custom Digitizing

If you really have your heart set on a particular design or style of boat, a custom one off kit can be designed specifically for you. With a custom digitizing you can have as much detail as you wish or as little. The best place to start on this path is to raid the internet's vast archives of photographs for the details and styles you desire and build up a collection to help us visualise your dream. Then set out your design parameters, like size and the intended purpose of the craft. Then contact us by email or call to arrange a time to come in and discuss your project.