VBWC Catalog.


Here at The Victorian Wooden Boat Centre we are continuously developing new boats and new kits. We will continue to update our catalog over time. If you wish to receive updates by email, please head over to the contact page and let us know as our newsletter system is not ready yet. Please read the information below to understand the stages of development for our boats. It is a very expensive and time consuming process to develop new designs.



There are two stages to every design/kit.

Stage 1: The first stage is the creation of a build kit from the computer model that can be CNC cut. 
!Can only be build with a VWBC Certified Agent!

Stage 2: The second stage is when the design is packaged to be a home build kit/plan.
Can be built anywhere with anyone.

The difference here is that Stage 2 designs include plans and instructions on how to build the design by yourself. So what does this mean? This means that the designs still in Stage 1 (some designs will only ever be Stage 1) can only be built with a VWBC Certified Agent. Usually Stage 1 designs are built in a class or workshop format. Those who are certified also sell our catalog of Stage 1 and Stage 2 designs. As time goes on we are adding to our list of VWBC Certified builders and organisation, check out the list here: VWBC CERFTIFIED AGENTS


Classic Clinker

The modern interpretation of the classic clinker boat. Lapstrake boats are very close to our hearts here at VWBC. Over the years we have helped hundreds of people construct these lasting classic craft. Utilizing our unique CDLA system we are able to design the most beautiful, accurate and stable lapstrake boats in the world. (literally)


Stitch + Glue

We pride ourselves on the quality of our custom boat kits that have been designed in house based on  generations of experience and skill. We believe stitch and glue boats are a great starting point for individuals wishing to get a start in wooden boat building. This construction style is quick and efficient but still teaches the fundamentals of boat building techniques at a lower cost in time and money.

Drawing Board

We have an ongoing list of designs to get through. Take a look at what we are working on right now and moving into the future. If there is something you simply cant wait to have, we are always open to changing the order on our list.