The Victorian Wooden Boat Centre

For the last 30 years, the Victorian Wooden Boat Centre has been operating in Melbourne's Docklands. Over this time it has served continuously to provide members of our community with an opportunity to learn and practice traditional and contemporary boat building skills.

The Victorian Wooden Boat Centre is a place of learning, community and fun. We see it as our mission to nurture individual's interest in wooden boat building and love nothing more than supporting those with an interest in a craft that we believe is all to often overlooked in the 21st century.



We believe strongly that wooden boat building techniques are both relevant and under-appreciated in the 21st century and as such we make it our mission to provide a series of assisted boat building schemes in the hope of providing keen and engaged individuals with the opportunity to learn the basics of a discipline with a history longer than civilisation itself.

Building Facilities

We have a limited amount of space available for individuals to work on their own private boat projects. You will be allocated a space within the workshop that will cover space for your boat as well as room to work. The workshop has a collection of communal benches.....


Three generations of experience and 10 years of research and development have gone into make sure our products are 100% accurate in every way. All components are cut from high quality lightweight marine plywood....


The only way to preserve skills is to practice them. From time to time we run workshops on boat building. These workshops can range from a 5 day Canoe build to a 12 month Clinker Launch build. 



The Victorian Wooden Boat Centre is continuously developing new boat designs and kits utilizing our unique proprietary system, CDLA. We will continue to add our catalog over time, so please remember to check back every so often.

VWBC Certification

Builders, businesses or organisations who are VWBC certified have access to our catalog of Stage 1 and Stage 2 designs and are able to offer them to you. Each VWBC Certified builder or organisation does not just offer our designs, they also have their own unique products and services to offer you.....

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