Welcome to The Wooden Boat Centre


The Wooden Boat Centre
The Wooden Boat Centre builds wooden boats and provides facilities for individuals to build their own boats. We also provide tuition and support for individuals who want to build their own boat. Boats can also be repaired, maintained and stored.



Situated on the waterfront at Docklands, Melbourne, the centre is easily reached, has ample parking and a wharf frontage. Come to the Centre to discuss designs, materials and methods and start building.

The Hacker on its trailer in the shed, Unfinished cat to the left of the Hacker.


The workshop and tuition is available on:

Tuesday and Tuesday evening
(9am to 9pm) ,

Wednesday during the day
(9am to 5pm) and

Saturday and Sunday
(9am to 4pm)



Boat building and tuition sessions can be arranged for individuals and groups.


The costs are;

(1) a weekly charge which covers use of the workshop and tuition, plus

(2) a space charge calculated on the floor area taken by the boat.


The Workshop floor mid 2006.